Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2019 – Rail Gourmet (Eurostar Contract)

Our Ref: HC/0001/RG

26th November 2019

Dear Colleague,

Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2019 – Rail Gourmet (Eurostar Contract)


Matters have moved on considerably since our last communication. Your negotiating team has been in talks with the company and various proposals have been made which include a commitment to pay the London Living Wage as minimum rate of pay at both St Pancras and Heston in staged increases toward a full implementation from December 2020.

The proposals also provide for the up keep of the pay differentials for supervisory and higher-grade staff and for staff on TUPE conditions who are unaffected by this proposal to be covered by the Rail Gourmet company-wide settlement due for April 2020.

Your union’s national Executive Committee (NEC) has considered the issue and it has instructed me to suspend the strike action to allow for further consultation.

• Therefore the strike action which was due to start at 00:01 on 28th November 2019 and end at 23:59 on 29th November 2019 has been suspended.

Make no mistake, without your willingness to stand up and fight for the London Living Wage, there would have been no improvements made by management. I will be requesting that the company facilitates workplace consultations for you and our colleagues, with the attendance of the RMT Lead Officer for Rail Gourmet and your RMT representatives, so that you can be briefed fully on the offer.

Yours sincerely


Mick Cash
General Secretary