Our Ref: LUL/0001

14 November 2019

Dear colleague


Negotiations between your union and London Underground have concluded and the following “full and final offer” has been tabled by the company:

• Year 1 – 2.7% (RPI Feb 2019 +0.2%)
• Year 2 – 1.4% plus 30 minute reduction in working week (three banked rest days – target implementation date: mid 2020)
• Year 3 – RPI Feb 2021 +0.2%
• Year 4 – 1.4% plus further 30 minute reduction in working week (three further banked rest days)

• Time off to be taken as six banked rest days (by Year 4) across all areas
• Timing of banked rest days to be determined by management with the aim of managing fatigue

The unanimous view expressed at a meeting held last week involving all Level 1 representatives from throughout the company, along with national officials and your Regional Organiser and National Executive Committee member, was that this offer should be rejected. Particular attention was drawn at the meeting to the fact that as aspects proposed by the company – such as years 2 & 4 which are unlinked to inflation - are an attempt by LU to offload the significant risk of hyperinflation following the Government’s mishandling of Brexit on to our members.

It was also highlighted at the reps’ meeting that LU failed to address other aspects of the original pay claim tabled by RMT such as the removal of CSA2 by upgrading to CSA1.

On the offer to reduce the working week, this is progress made by your negotiators – albeit only a one hour reduction over a four year period – and does provide a framework that could enable the beginning of an unprecedented move from the 35-hour week down to a 32-hour 4-day week in line with your union’s progressive policy to be further pursued.

Your NEC has considered the views of the meeting and, while noting the progress made by your negotiators on the shorter working week, we will not subject our members to the company’s plan to put them at risk of a potential significant pay cut. RMT does not gamble with our members’ livelihoods!

Your NEC has stated that, without question, the only feasible way to provide a resolution to this dispute is for the London Mayor to fund a substantially improved new offer, which necessitates him putting more new money on the negotiating table.

With the above in mind, the dispute on this offer, which was announced back in June, continues and preparations are now taking place to ensure a ballot matrix is reading for a strike ballot to commence by the end of this month.

The failures of securing a fair and just pay offer from London Underground is not a failure of your representatives to negotiate as the arguments from your union throughout this process has been forcible, reasoned and persuasive. Rather, the failures of this offer are a result of management cost-cutting on a major scale and the failure of the London Mayor to adequately fund this essential public service.

I will advise you of the details of the ballot in due course, but, in the meantime, please contact the members freephone Helpline on 0800 376 3706 if there have been any recent changes to your job details or with any address change.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary