Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2019 – South Western Railway

Our Ref: BR2/0001/SWR

14th February 2020

Dear Colleague,

Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2019 – South Western Railway

In line with Union policy, a pay claim for a substantial increase in pay and improved terms and conditions has been submitted. The Regional Organiser has met with the company and the following offer has been tabled:-
· An increase of 2.6% in basic rates of pay
· An increase of 2.6% in London & South East (and associated Regional) Allowances.

· The effective date for the pay award is 06 October 2019. The next pay review for this grade will be October 2020.

· Significant consideration has been given to the request for a six or 18 month offer, however management had advised that discussions regarding the future of the First MTR South Western franchise are ongoing and such an offer cannot be tabled at this time.

· This pay award is subject to the pensionable pay cap of RPI + 0.25% which applies to all pay increases, excluding non-pensionable amounts, in any given year (April to March). Any pay award above this amount will be pensionable for future service only. A reminder of the agreement on pensionable pay is included as an appendix to this letter.

· This offer includes a commitment from SWR to set up a meeting forum with the recognised trade unions, on SWR’s use of agency staff and contractors in the Engineering function. Additionally, SWR is committed to furthering discussions on Depot Culture in the Engineering function and there is a commitment to agenda this item at functional company council. Discussion at that forum will establish how this work stream is taken forward.

Your National Executive Committee has considered the offer and it has instructed me to inform the company of our acceptance. This instruction has been carried out and I have requested that the increase and back monies are paid at the earliest opportunity.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary