Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2019 – Cross Country

Our Ref: BR2/0001/XCT

20th September 2019

Dear Colleague,

Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2019 – Cross Country

In line with union policy, a pay claim for an increase in pay and improved terms and conditions was submitted to the company. The Regional Organiser has met with them and the following offer has been tabled:-

  •A one-year deal based on February 2019 RPI of 2.5% plus 0.25%, making an increase of 2.75% or £805 as minimum across all grades and to include dynamic allowances, backdated to 28th May 2019.

Your RMT Company Council representatives have attended a meeting at RMT head office along with your National Executive Committee (NEC) and Lead Officer to discuss the offer and they have concluded that the offer does not meet our aspirations.

The NEC has instructed me to inform Cross Country that we reject the offer and to request further formal talks. Should these talks not take place or no satisfactory response is received by Friday 27th September 2019, a dispute situation will exist and I will be balloting you and your colleagues for industrial action.

This instruction has been carried out and I will keep you advised of further developments.


Yours sincerely





Mick Cash

General Secretary