Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2020 – CAF Rail

Our Ref: BR1/0001/CAF(TPE)

21st May 2020

Dear Colleague,

Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2020 – CAF Rail
(Transpennine Express Contract)

Negotiations have taken place with the company and an offer has been tabled, a brief summary of it is as follows:-

1.75% increase backdated to 1st January 2020.
Reduction in the working week of 2.5 hours per week without loss of pay from 40 hours per week to 37.5 hours per week effective from 1st June 2020
Holiday Pay Allowance:
A one-off payment of 5% to eligible employees backdated to 1st January 2019 pro rata if employees joined part way through 2019, to be paid in June 2020 pay for the period 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019
For 2020 holiday pay allowance to be paid in November 2020 for the period 1st January 2020 to 30th September 2020.
Then 1st October 2020 to 30th September 2021 to be paid in November 2021 and annually going forward.
Calculation based on Gross Pay - Standard Hourly Rate over the relevant reference period.
Depot Administrator is paid on annual salary basis and is not entitled to overtime the above holiday pay allowance does not apply to this grade.
Holiday Entitlement, prior to the union achieving recognition in 2019 the company altered terms and conditions to change holiday entitlement from 25 days plus 8 bank/public holidays, to 264 hours per annum. New starters not on the original contracts have holiday at 264 hours. In order to resolve the matter, the company has proposed to pay 40 hours pay for those employed in 2019 or pro rata for those joining part way through if they are on original contracts. From the 1st January 2020 holiday entitlement will be 264 hours for all employees except the depot administrator whose holiday entitlement is unaltered.
A Higher Grade Duty agreement backdated to 1st April 2020 for Technicians acting up as Team Leader.
Company Sick Pay - Removal of waiting days
Team Leaders - Competency Assessment Role, we are not in agreement with the employers position that it was ever part of the Team Leaders role, the proposal is have further negotiations through the Business Council over the Team Leaders role, responsibility and remuneration, with a revised Job Description to be implemented and agreed before the end of 2020.
Paternity Pay - Effective 1st March 2020 to be at 2 weeks full pay.
Maternity Pay - Effective 1st March 2020 under 3 years’ service 8 weeks full pay then SMP, over 3 years’ service 12 weeks full pay, 8 weeks half pay then SMP.
Adoption Leave - Primary adopter eligible for leave as per maternity leave, secondary adopter eligible for leave as per paternity leave.
· Bereavement Leave - Partner or child (including stepchild) 10 days full pay, parent/Brother/Sister 5 days full pay, other relative grandparent/uncle/aunt/niece/nephew) 1 day per annum.
CSR leave 1 day at 8 hours
Introduction of Death in Service Benefit from 1st March 2020 at 2 years’ salary calculated as 1 year = 313/6 x 37.5 x rate of pay (i.e. shift rate for those who work shifts).
Premature Baby Policy - Further negotiations with a view to have something in place by end of 2020.
Diversity & Inclusion - Ongoing dialogue to be had within 2020 and agreeing a strategy.
Travel Facilities - No improvement but CAF will approach TPE.
Paid Breaks - No movement - to be taken up in 2021 claim.
Pension Provision- No improvement - Employer contribution is currently at 6%
First Aider/Fire Marshall - Remuneration or Reward to be discussed in 2021 claim.

A copy of the full offer can be found on our website via this link: https://bit.ly/3g9pkzV

After long and careful consideration, the union’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has instructed me to hold an electronic referendum so you and your colleagues so that you can have your say on this offer. In order to get a quick turnaround and bearing in mind the current coronavirus situation, we are running this referendum electronically on this occasion.

Having considered the views of your negotiating team the NEC is recommending that you vote ‘YES’ to accept the offer as we believe this is the best offer that can be achieved through negotiation in this current economic climate. The on-line referendum will close at 10:00 hours on Wednesday 3rd June 2020.

Electronic Referendum Instructions

You will shortly receive an email from a company called “Election Runner” which will allow you to register your vote. Please follow the instructions and make sure you complete this by no later than 10:00 hours on Wednesday 3rd June 2020 when voting closes.

Note - Your Voter ID will be your RMT Membership number and your Voter Key is provided in the email from Election Runner.

If you know any of your colleagues who hasn’t received this email, or if you have any difficulties voting please contact the RMT Helpline on 0800 376 3706 or info@rmt.org.uk


Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary