Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2020 - CWind

Our Ref: SH/0001/CW

10th June 2020

Dear Colleague,

Rates of Pay & Conditions of Service 2020 - CWind

Negotiations have been taking place since earlier this year and having exhausted Stage 1 in earlier talks, it was agreed that the matter needed to be escalated to a Stage 2 meeting. During these previous talks, it was suggested by your union that the company offer of the CPI rate of 1.5% increase could be recommended for acceptance should a further increase of 1% be made, effective from 1st June 2020, however the company rejected this perfectly acceptable offer.

Stage 2 talks have taken place and the company’s response has been received by your union. Their response has shown nothing but distain for you and your colleagues in that they are refusing to budge from the CPI position and they are claiming that you are happy with this rather miserly increase. This shows no respect for the Collective Barging Agreement and contradicts your views ascertained during a meeting after these Stage 2 negotiations had closed. The company have also rejected our calls for improvements to your terms and conditions, in particular the family friendly provision, citing that this is a group issue.

Your union’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has considered the matter thoroughly and it has instructed that an electronic referendum of you and your colleagues is held so that you can have you say on this offer. Your NEC is also recommending that you vote ‘NO’ to reject the offer as it does not meet our aspirations for a decent pay increase and makes no enhancements to your terms and conditions.

Electronic Referendum Instructions

You will shortly receive an email from a company called “Election Runner” which will allow you to register your vote. Please follow the instructions and make sure you complete this by no later than 10:00 hours on Wednesday 17th June 2020 when voting closes.

Note - Your Voter ID will be your RMT Membership number and your Voter Key is provided in the email from Election Runner.

If you know any of your colleagues who hasn’t received this email, or if you have any difficulties voting please contact the RMT Helpline on 0800 376 3706 or info@rmt.org.uk


Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary