Rates of Pay and Conditions of Service 2020 - UK Research Institute British Antarctic Survey

Our Ref: SH/0001/UKRI(BAS)
10th March 2021
Dear Colleagues 
Rates of Pay and Conditions of Service 2020 - UK Research Institute (British Antarctic Survey)  
In line with union policy, a pay claim for an increase in pay and improved terms and conditions was submitted to the company. The Lead Officer has met with them and the following pay offer has been tabled:-
  • A basic salary increase of 2% of actual salary with the exception of those who have reached the maxima of their pay scale will receive a non-consolidated, non-pensionable, one-off payment of 2%. For any others where an increase to their basic salary will bring them to their new pay range maxima, any increase due beyond this will be paid as a non-consolidated, non-pensionable, one-off payment.
End of Year performance-related bonuses will be made to qualifying employees for the performance year 2019/20. All employees within UKRI excluding those on Innovate UK Terms and Conditions have used a guided distribution of approximately 25% to be nominated for an end of year performance related payments based on their performance during the 2019/20 performance year. These nominations have been through a moderation process to ensure fairness and equity in application of the performance related award.  
Those under qualifying terms, whose performance was assessed as Exceeds  Expectations (or nominated for an end of year bonus) in the 2019/20 performance year and who were in post on 30 June 2020 will receive a one-off, non-pensionable  performance bonus as part of this pay offer. The indicative full-time equivalent rate are set out in the below table:
UKRI Band and equivalent bands/grades 
 Exceeds Expectations Bonus
In the light of the high number of staff who have put in significant discretionary effort over the past year, we also propose to exceptionally make a smaller non-consolidated payment of £150 to all staff who have attained an ‘achieved expectations’ rating or equivalent for the performance year 2019/20.  
Pay increases for staff promoted before 01.07.20 will be based on pay in the higher grade. Pay increases for staff promoted on or after the 01.07.20 will be based on pay and grade as at the 01.07.20. The subsequent pay on promotion increase will be reviewed and, where necessary, adjusted. Where an individual is on temporary promotion on 01.07.20 the pay increase will be applied to the salary in the temporary (higher) grade.
New starters who joined on or after the 01.07.20 will not be due any increase for payment as part of the 2020 pay award with the exception of; new starters who joined on a pay rate below the new minima will have their pay increased to the new minima from the date of joining.
Leavers in post on the effective pay award date and leaving after the effective pay award date will be eligible for the pay award from 1 July 2020 until their end date unless they were subject to formal unsatisfactory performance/attendance measures.
Following a shipboard consultation of the MV Sir David Attenborough (SDA) and the MV James Clark Ross (JCR), the union's National Executive Committee has instructed me to inform the company of our acceptance of the offer. This instruction has been carried out and the company has advised me that the increase and any back monies will be paid in April.  
Yours sincerely
Mick Cash
General Secretary