Our Ref: BR4/0001/BR
28th June 2021

Dear Colleagues


The union’s negotiating team has attended meetings with the company and at the conclusion of these talks the following pay and harmonisation proposal been tabled:-

Four former Amey employees who transferred on rates below their Babcock peers will receive the equivalent Babcock rate, including any base rate increase awarded.

A bridging concept will be used whereby the eighteen former Amey employees who transferred on rates above their Babcock peers will receive tapered increases at a lower rate than the general pay award.

Obviously, the company cannot at this time accurately predict future pay awards. If the pay award proved to be less than 2%, the tapered rate would require to be adjusted accordingly e.g., a general increase of 1.75% or 1% would result in tapered rates of 0.5% and 0.25% respectively to enable harmonisation to be achieved within the 3-year target period. Similarly, if the pay award resulted in an increase above 2% there would be scope to increase the tapered rate to above 1% or to accelerate the bridging process.

These tapered increases will apply for a maximum of 3 years as required in order to arrive at a situation whereby all employees within each grade are in receipt of a harmonised base rate within the lifetime of Control Period 6.

Where, for historic reasons, a former Amey employee holds a substantially higher salary than others within the grade making harmonisation within CP6 impossible, s/he will be excluded from these arrangements and instead will maintain pay and benefits transferred under TUPE as a personal rate. (Only one employee falls within this category.)

After careful consideration, your union's National Executive Committee (NEC) has instructed me to hold a referendum so you and your colleagues can have your say on these proposals. Additionally, having considered the views of your negotiating team the NEC is recommending that you vote ‘YES’ to accept the deal.

Should members vote to accept these proposals, it would be implemented at the end of the pay award deferral period. Babcock contracts would be issued to former Amey employees resulting in immediate improvements in annual leave (a net increase of 3 additional days) and sick pay benefits, effectively equalising all terms and conditions for Babcock employees. These harmonised benefits will be progressed for those in IA and IT grades, where salaries were harmonised as a result of the 2020 pay award, regardless of whether the bridging proposal is accepted.

The on-line referendum will close on Thursday 8th July 2021 at 12:00 hours.

Referendum Instructions

You will shortly receive an email from a company called “Choice Voting” which will allow you to register your vote. Please follow the instructions and make sure you complete this by no later than 12:00 hours on Thursday 8th July 2021. Once you have voted, you will receive an email from Choice Voting confirming how you have voted and that your vote has been cast successfully.

If you know any of your colleagues who has not received this email, or if you have any difficulties voting please contact referenda@rmt.org.uk or the RMT Helpline on 0800 376 3706


Yours sincerely

Michael Lynch
General Secretary