Our Ref: BR1/13/1
9th October 2020
Dear Colleague,


I am writing further to my previous correspondence dated 30th September 2020. As previously mentioned, following a resolution from our Wigan Branch, the union has been attempting to seek recognition for our members working for Carlisle Support Services (CSS) on the Northern Trains Ltd contract. The union’s membership density continues to significantly increase and we have continued in our efforts to resolve the issue with Carlisle Support Services (CSS),

However, the company has continued to reject our proposals and are refusing to enter into meaningful discussions with your union over this issue. We continue to reiterate to CSS that the RMT union has solely been involved in negotiations on recent issues and no other union has been involved. We have made it abundantly clear that we are not seeking to have other unions de-recognised, but, simply ask that we rightfully receive recognition as the active union. It is disgraceful that the company are still deploying such draconian and despicable tactics and refusing to recognise the union that has been involved in negotiations and that you and your colleagues has chosen to represent them.

The National Executive Committee noted that Carlisle Supported services have provided a response in which they are refusing to recognise the union on the Northern Trains contract. The matter was considered again by the NEC and as the company’s position has not changed the NEC believes the only way forward is to ballot you and your colleagues for industrial action.

Therefore, the ballot for industrial action will commence on Friday 16th October 2020 and you will need to ensure you return your voting paper by no later than first post, on Tuesday 10th November 2020.

To ensure you have a chance to vote, I urge you all to ensure your membership details are correct. If your job title, address or workplace has recently changed, please contact the RMT Helpline by Email at; or you can call the RMT Freephone Helpline number on 0800 376 3706. Additionally, if you know a colleague who has moved or changed jobs inform them to contact the union on one of the above contact methods so we can amend their details accordingly.

It has never been more vital that we come together and ensure an enormous turnout in this ballot, so I urge you all to vote overwhelmingly in favour of industrial action. We must send the company a clear message that we will not allow them to dictate who represents us. A huge yes vote will force Carlisle Support Services to get back to the table and resolve this dispute.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary