Our Ref: BR4/16/3

8 May 2019

Dear colleague


You may recall that a restructuring exercise took place last year, part of which involved an opportunity for members to apply for voluntary redundancy. These arrangements, which were endorsed by you and your colleagues in a referendum, allowed a number of staff to leave the business.

However, it emerged that a number of people who applied for VR could not be accepted due to business needs, which obviously created great concern for those affected, who approached the union to request whether any other options could be made available to them.

Negotiations therefore took place between your union and the company on whether those not previously selected for VR could be given another opportunity. While management stated that an indication of interest in applying for VR would not guarantee that those applying could leave, they did agree to allow staff to apply for a new VR scheme.

The new arrangements confirm the union’s position of no compulsory redundancies, there will be no reduction in headcount as any posts left vacant will be filled initially by agency staff who will, subject to performance and interview, be taken in house and that those leaving will do so on a date agreed by the company.

Your negotiators recommended that, as this process was driven by you and your colleagues, this should be accepted by your union. Your National Executive Committee noted this recommendation and endorsed the proposals.

I have informed the company of your union’s acceptance and I am sure that you will be made aware of the full details of this scheme by the company at the very earliest date.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary