Our Ref: BR4/16/3

29 June 2017

Dear colleague


You will no doubt have received the devastating news over the last 24 hours that Babcock Rail management have announced a large scale job cuts programme, which also involves the total closure of its Newport and Eastleigh depots.

Babcock Rail, like other engineering companies elsewhere in the railway industry, is blaming the massive reduction in Work Bank being made by Network Rail for the remainder of Control Period 5. But anyone who has any idea of this industry knows that such a programme will have catastrophic effects on not only jobs on the railways but also on the future safety and operational effectiveness of the railways itself.

The company has stated that the 89 proposed redundancies within the Track organisation will be made up of 58 from the Restructured Grades (blue collar), 12 from the PM or CO grades (white collar) and the remaining 19 from the Executive Manager Grades.

Your union shares what will be your obvious distress at this news and I can assure you and your colleagues that RMT officials have already insisted on an emergency meeting with the company to discuss this matter and that a campaign against Babcock’s plans and against Network Rail who hold the budget strings on this will commence immediately.

Your RMT Company Council Representatives will be visiting the depots over the coming weeks to listen to you and your colleagues over this matter and to keep you advised of all developments in the process.

The priority if of course to fight these job cuts and your union will be doing that using every means at our disposal both industrially and politically.

I will of course write to you again in due course when further details of the company’s plans emerge.

Yours sincerely
Mick Cash
General Secretary