Our Ref BR4/16/3

16th July 2020


Dear Colleagues


Your Regional Organiser was informed of the Company’s proposal to close the Wheelshop on 10th July. Closing the Wheelshop operation at the Wolverton Works Depot has the potential for 30 staff to be made redundant.

RMT has a long-held policy to oppose all compulsory redundancies. There is always an alternative and your union believes pursuing this in the first instance through discussion and negotiation is in the best interest of both members and employers. You all have valuable skills, abilities and knowledge that have taken time to develop and could be put to use in other or new areas of the business.

Your National Executive Committee has considered a report from your Regional Organiser on company’s initial proposals. I have been instructed by the NEC to ensure that your Representatives oppose any proposed compulsory redundancy. Unite, our sister union, are also present at the Wolverton Works Depot and our Representatives will be working closely with Unite’s Representatives to seek alternative methods to protect our members and avoid any forced dismissals. This is to include industrial action if necessary.

RMT are not opposed to change but too often compulsory redundancies are used as a blunt and short-sighted management tool in response to a changed operating environment – and the possibility of alternatives are not properly explored or considered. Your union will be working to make sure reasonable alternatives are tabled and discussed.

If you have colleagues who are not currently part of the RMT, now is the time for them to join. Please raise this matter with them and let them know RMT are going to fight tooth and nail to avoid management’s proposed compulsory redundancies. We are in a stronger position with a better chance of winning the more members we have, and it will strengthen our hand at the negotiating table.

Further to the above, RMT will be using all of our available publicity platforms to ensure the plight of our members at Wolverton Works Depot is highlighted in the wider movement as well as seeking full political support from our RMT Parliamentary Group. You union will be opposing these redundancies in any and every manner possible that is available to us.

Your Regional Organiser will be attending a further consultation meeting on 27th July 2020 and will provide an update report on the matter upon its conclusion to the NEC.

I trust this keeps you fully advised on the matter and I will, of course, keep you advised of further developments in this matter as it progresses.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary