Our Ref: BR2/16/3

17th August 2020

Dear colleague,


I am writing further to my previous correspondence dated 24th July 2020 on the above issue. As you are aware, I reported Heathrow Express’s plan to go cashless by the end of the year, with the company intending to close their revenue control centre by the end of October 2020. This proposal would displace our revenue control assistant (RCA) members. However, the closure is dependent upon a TFL agreement to alter retail arrangements between TFL and HEX.

Several meetings have taken place with the company to try and find alternative employment for our members who are risk of being displaced. The company intends to create a new role under the description of Technology Experience Manager (TEM). The new role will sit within the RMT negotiated grades and be in the band F salary bracket.

Following representations, suitable alternative employment options shall be made available to our affected members, which if accepted will mean that no RCA Grade will be made redundant. The alternative roles would be divided as such, 3 posts within the new TEM grade, 2 posts within the Customer Relations department, 1 Senior Planner Role, 1 DSM, SSA roles and others with priority consideration given to displaced RCA Grades.

The company are extending the consultation process as required to allow additional time for consideration of alternative employment options without a deadline. However, I would encourage you and your colleagues to apply for the options that are available and most suitable as soon as possible. Additional support and assistance will also be made available for our displaced RCA Grades in applying for suitable alternative roles.

The National Executive Committee has considered this matter and has congratulated our Lead Officer on his efforts and for negotiating alternative positions for our members. The NEC has acknowledged that further discussions are due to take place with the company. I will continue to keep you and your colleagues and our NEC fully updated following these further discussions.

I trust this keeps you fully advised and I will write to you again in due course.

Yours Sincerely,

RMT Union