To All HEX Mobile Sales Advisor and Customer Concierge RMT Members

Our Ref: BR2/16/3

19th June 2020

Dear Colleague


Further to my letter dated the 18th May 2020 with regards to the above matter and where I informed you that the RMT had gone into dispute with HEX over the company’s proposed reorganisation of our negotiated grades and parallel notice to make 123 posts redundant within the Mobile Sales Advisor (MSA) and Customer Concierge roles.

I can now advise you that I have received an update report from the Lead Officer indicating that HEX has notified you and your colleagues of the ‘outcome’ letters on the ‘selection’ for full time, temporary part time, part time or redundancy. The Lead Officer also reports that HEX has confirmed that our members will remain on Furlough until at least the end of July and that the new Sales & Service Ambassador (SSA) role will commence on the date you and your colleagues return to work.

As you know the company has also asked you to indicate your preference for a Sales and Service Ambassador role on full time or part time basis with the option of full time or part time basis in the future.

Whilst we are continuing to fight these unjust proposals we do believe it would be in your best interests to write to management stating your preference, if you have not already done so.

We would also suggest that you send a separate email to HEX management stating the following:

‘Whilst I am indicating my preference I would like to make it clear that it is under protest and that this in no way endorses your decision to alter my current Role. My union is continuing to negotiate on these changes and should the matter change then I reserve the right to revert back to my previous position or one negotiated by my union.”

The RMT continues to demand the immediate withdrawal of both the reorganisation and redundancy proposals to allow collective bargaining to take place without the threat of unemployment.

Following on from the above, we now have no other option than to progress with the ballot for strike action and action short of a strike. Therefore, I have served notice of the ballot for industrial action on Heathrow Express and the ballot will OPEN on Thursday 25th June 2020 and will CLOSE on Thursday 9th July 2020.

If you are aware of a HEX MSA or Customer Concierge member who has not received their ballot paper by the 1st July 2020 please ask them to contact the RMT by email at or contact the RMT Helpline on 0800 376 3706 or RMT Head Office on 0207 387 4771 and ask for the Industrial Relations Department as soon as possible. I am urging members to vote ‘YES’ to both questions in the ballot for industrial action. It is imperative that we get a massive return in the ballot for industrial action so we are not prevented from acting on our members’ wishes by the new ballot thresholds.

I trust this keeps you fully advised on the matter and I will, of course, update you on any further developments.

Best wishes.

Mick Lynch
Senior Assistant General Secretary