Our Ref: BR2/16/3


4 September 2020



Dear colleague




You will be aware of the ongoing process faced by members who work at the Revenue Control Centre and that the applications of suitable alternative employment for those affected will close on Sunday 6th September.


As you may already know, the applications at this stage are an expression of interest and that staff will be able to decline any invitation to take up a new role should an offer be made at a later date. I also understand that the members affected have already received  recommendation from the Regional Organiser that encourages them to apply for alternative roles that are best suited to their individual circumstances.


Following representations, the company said it will provide a performance related earnings structure for the new Technology Experience Ambassador (TEA) Grade, based on asset performance, that will raise potential earnings from £27,314.00 base salary to £29,394.00. The finer details of how this will work in practice are currently being worked out.


Despite strong representations, the company will not ring-fence salary for displaced RCAs who take up Customer Relations roles. Members are currently being consulted on this and it could result in a view that they no longer consider the offer of CR Grade as an acceptable option for suitable alternative employment.


I can also advice you that additional assurances on end of contract arrangements for displaced RCA Grades who take up fixed-term contracts was proposed by your negotiators. The company is considering this proposal.


The company said it will make a one-off goodwill payment of £750 for any loss of travel benefits should any displaced RCA staff not find suitable alternative employment and leaves on redundancy terms.


Finally, the company reports discussions with TFL on altering revenue arrangements to allow the company to go cashless are progressing as planned.


These matters have been considered by your union’s National Executive Committee, which has noted these developments and has instructed me to seek further reports from your Lead Officer as further issues arise in this matter.


I trust this keeps you fully advised and I will write to you again on this matter when further developments arise.



Yours sincerely


Mick Cash

General Secretary