Redundancies – P&O Ferries

Our Ref: SH/16/3
19th June 2020

Dear Colleagues

Redundancies – P&O Ferries

Further to my previous letter on the above matter, I can advise that the union’s negotiating team has met with P&O Ferries and the company has tabled the following proposals:-

  • The company will initiate a programme of voluntary redundancy commencing 19th June 2020. Letters will be issued to all Ratings in the affected groups as detailed in the company’s consultation proposal. A period of 14 days will be given for individuals to make an application for voluntary redundancy.
  • The company continues to be committed to the employment of UK seafarers on the Dover /Calais route. The statement issued by Janette Bell, P&O Ferries is reaffirmed.
  • The company will honour the expressed terms of redundancy for Ratings ex Pride of Bilbao as per the relevant CBAs. This will apply only to Ratings who have served on the vessel under the relevant terms and conditions.
  • Voluntary terms of redundancy namely 2.5 weeks per year of service with a maximum cap of 91 weeks plus notice period as per Terms and Conditions will apply to those being selected for compulsory redundancies as part of this agreement.
  • The RMT has a policy of not agreeing to compulsory redundancies but in light of the company agreeing to voluntary terms for any compulsory redundancies the RMT has agreed in principle with the compulsory redundancy selection criteria ie attendance, disciplinary record and relevant skills. RMT would look to progress further discussion on the final details.
  • The company commits that Ratings who have been made redundant as part of this process will be eligible to apply (normal recruitment process will be followed) for vacant posts at POF as they arise and the restriction of one year post termination date will be waived. This waiver will apply only to those leaving under this redundancy process and terms expressed in CBAs post this process will prevail.
  • The company agree to retain the current rank structure for Deck and Tech roles on Dover Calais. The RMT agree to participate in a working group to discuss a new structure by the end of 2021 and prior to our new vessels being put into service.
  • The company agreed to put one SG1A role back in on the North Sea and will continue to seek to reduce the number of redundancies over the remainder of the consultation process.
  • The company and the RMT continue to work closely and are committed to reduce where possible the number of redundancies envisaged in the company’s consultation proposals of the affected groups in all Departments in both Hull and Dover.

Although this represents a step in the right direction, there are still matters that will require further discussions and representations to retain more jobs. Your union will continue to remain vigilant over this matter and I will, of course, keep you advised of any new developments.

I thank you for your patience and understanding during this very difficult time.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary