Our Ref: SH/16/3


5th October 2020




Dear Colleagues




I write in relation to the alarming news we have received that P&O propose to make redundancies following their decision to sell 4 laid up vessels including 3 of which are covered by an RMT Collective Bargaining Agreement. The vessels affected are the, Pride of York, European Seaway and Pride of Burgundy. The Pride of Bruges, covered by a Dutch CBA will also be sold. As a result of this sale P&O will also no longer be running a service on the Hull - Zeebrugge route. The direct result of these cuts would see a potential 37 redundancies on the Dover/Calais route and 16 redundancies on the North Sea Route.


In the summer, P&O Ferries received over £6.6m from the UK taxpayer on the two Port of Hull routes, including Hull-Zeebrugge and as far as we are concerned these cuts are completely unnecessary. P&O’s owners in Dubai have decided to pull the plug on this vital route with no consultation threatening jobs, passenger services and the recovery of Hull’s maritime economy.


Having had discussions with the company the lead officer has submitted a report to the union’s National Executive Committee which noted that he is due to meet with the company again this week as part of the formal consultation process. A further report will be placed before them for consideration once this has taken place. This NEC also reiterated RMT’s opposition to compulsory redundancies and members can be assured we will use everything at our disposal to resist this attack on jobs up to and including industrial action. We offer you and your colleagues your union’s s full support at this extremely difficult time and are ready willing to support you to fight the employer against these cuts and to protect jobs.


The NEC will consider this matter again once the meeting has taken place next and I will make sure members are kept fully informed of any further developments.


Yours sincerely


Mick Cash

General Secretary