To all Rail Gourmet RMT Members


Our Ref: HC/16/3


29th July 2020



Dear Colleague




I write with regards to the above matter and in relation to the letter from Rail Gourmet CEO, Beat Ehlers, outlining the company’s redundancy plans and future work, which was recently circulated to Rail Gourmet staff past and present at Heston Service Centre.


The RMT believes the content of this correspondence is confusing and inconsistent and it has left our members feeling extremely concerned about their jobs and future employment. Therefore, I have raised my concerns with Rail Gourmet and I am seeking clarification from the company on the status of our Rail Gourmet members who have been made redundant and who have subsequently received this letter.


The Union is as strong as its members and I cannot stress enough about the importance of being in Union membership. The RMT believes that all outsourced workers should be brought in-house and receive the same terms and conditions as directly employed staff. The only way to keep you and your colleagues protected is by being a member of the Union.


I trust this keeps you fully advised on the matter and I will, of course, update you on any further developments.


Best wishes.


Mick Cash

General Secretary