Our Ref HC/16/3 19th August 2020


Further to my letter of 8th July 2020, the union’s National Executive Committee has considered a report from your lead officer giving details of significant new developments on this issue. As you know the company had refused to consult with RMT collectively but we were able to convince them to reverse their decision. We met with the company as part of consultation where following points were discussed: -

• The employer declined to open an enhanced voluntary redundancy scheme at 5k ex-gratia or double statutory

• The employer agreed to a voluntary redundancy scheme albeit on statutory terms, with the exception of 1 ex British Transport Hotels employee who was offered contractual terms as per the 1978 handbook.

• The employer declined to reverse the termination of 48 employees who has less than 2 years service. They were dismissed at the end of July and all RMT Members were advised to contact the RMT North West Regional Office for legal assistance.

• The employer declined to use the furlough scheme until the 31st October 2020 as an alternative to Redundancy.

• The employer agreed to redeploy a member on maternity leave into the Conference and Banqueting Administration Grade

• The employer agreed to put into the organisation 4 additional Room Attendant roles, however no one at risk took up the potential redeployment

• The employer declined to open up other areas of the hotel such as the lounge, Wave Bar, Americans Bar, Restaurants etc. to avoid dismissals

As a result, of the 83 proposed redundancies 48 members of staff with less than two years service were dismissed. A further 15 staff opted to take voluntary redundancy albeit at statutory minimum terms, 1 was redeployed with the remaining 19 subject to compulsory redundancy.

An industrial strategy has unfortunately not been possible due to use of furlough including flexible furlough, and the fact that the lack of guests as well as government restrictions over wedding receptions and events which have precluded further jobs being saved. The hospitality industry is in crisis and the Adelphi is no exception. Coach tours are not expected back until April 2021 at the earliest with the lack of football matches has also have a major impact on revenue.

We were very clear with the company throughout, both during meetings and in writing, that RMT has a no compulsory redundancy position but regrettably we have been unable to prevent the redundancies to the downturn and the employer’s refusal to continue to use the furlough scheme.

I am sorry I am not able to write to you in more positive terms but please be assured we will remain vigilant on all matters going forward and will continue to do all we can to protect members from what has been an unfortunate combination of a hostile employer and a catastrophic downturn in the hospitality industry. We will also be supporting our local RMT Branches and within the Region in mounting a political and propaganda campaign against the redundancies.

I will keep you informed of any further developments.

Yours sincerely   Mick Cash General Secretary