Our Ref: BR4/16/3

6 August 2020

Dear colleague


You will be aware that Amey recently announced plans to make a number of redundancies within its workforce, citing a downturn in workload from Network Rail over its CP6 allocation of projects and contracts. Amey state that, primarily, the job cuts affect staff at two of its functions – Signaling Systems and ARPR.

With regards to Amey Signaling Systems, out of a workforce of approximately 120, 47 staff have already taken voluntary redundancy under the ex-BR PTR&R arrangements, with other staff moving to different parts of the business.

In the ARPR function, where 116 staff were at threat of redundancy, 15 have accepted voluntary redundancy and other staff are being mapped into other parts of the business, leaving around 40 still at risk. Although, as of last week, it was believed that 20 of this group can be found alternative roles within the company. But this still leaves 20 staff at risk of compulsory redundancy. The consultation period for this group has been extended until 14th August and your negotiating team is currently putting forward various options to the company to save these jobs.

Among the options put forward are the following:

Removal of any agency and contingency labour to create vacant roles
Opportunities within Amey Wales & Border contracts
Opportunities of current vacancies in the wider Amey UK business, although this will be limited because of the current crises
Opportunities with Network Rail for additional work or vacancies in NR
Opportunities with other contractors, eg Volker Rail
Further consideration of VR offer and to other groups
Consideration of an RMT counter-proposal on the ARPR structure going forward with more roles in it
A new competence and grading structure to allow for an individual’s previous skil/competences/experience/qualifications to be included and could allow them to be deemed suitable for available roles
An agreement to allow ex-Carillion workers to voluntarily move onto the ex-GWEP pay, terms and conditions package. Following RMT representations, this will be a choice to be made by those affected and will not be a pre-condition of taking on alternative work/posts. Amey has said that it will seek to negotiate harmonisation with your union after this current consultation has concluded

The above was reported to your union’s National Executive Committee and, in noting these developments, your NEC has instructed me to write to Network Rail requesting it release more work to Amey to allow the business to retain as many skilled and experienced workers as possible. I have also asked Network Rail to liaise with Amey to offer jobs within NR to staff at risk of losing their position in Amey due to the redundancy situation.

Your union will continue its efforts through your representatives and Regional Organiser to minimise job losses at Amey and to ensure you and your colleagues’ skills and experience are retained in the railway industry.

Should you have any queries on this matter or require representation during this process, then please do not hesitate to contact the RMT South West Regional Office on 0117 925 5018.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary