Our Ref BR4/16/10

28th September 2020


Dear Colleagues


It has recently been brought to my attention that SPL Powerlines are proposing further staff redundancies. At this stage we do not have the full information on what the company’s proposals are but we have been told that it’s likely to affect members at Doncaster and potentially Derby.

Following the first meeting of the company with staff representatives on Friday it appears the company want to reduce OLEC3 competent staff from the current 21 to a number around 8 – 10.

You union is opposed to compulsory redundancies in principle however our involvement in the collective consultation regarding the supposed necessity of the proposed redundancies is limited as we do not currently have a recognition agreement with the company. This means we aren’t as able to engage with the process and work to propose alternatives to redundancies as much as we’d like to – but we will be doing all we can for members.

SPL Powerlines will be announcing other positions which don’t require the OLEC competencies but we currently have no information on what the roles are, how many there are and what the pay is for them.

While we are not directly involved in the collective consultation you union is here to provide all support possible to members in ensuring the best possible outcomes. If members are invited to one-to-one individual consultations as part of the company’s redundancy proposal you are urged to contact your Regional Office and request representation as soon as you receive the invitation.

If you follow this link: RMT Regions and click on your part of the country you will come to a page with the office contact details and the phone number to ring to request representation.

From RMT’s previous experience with SPL Powerlines the individual redundancy consultation meetings have been a frustrating experience. The scoring system used to appraise staff has been somewhat confusing and open to a highly subjective interpretation and this has caused problems in what is meant to be the application of a consistent method for all affected staff.

If you are invited to a one-to-one redundancy consultation meeting it is vital that you arrange to be represented by RMT following the above instruction.

I trust this keeps you fully advised and I will inform you of any further developments on this matter as they arise.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary