Our Ref: BR1/15/4

9 August 2019

Dear colleague


Following the strike action in early July, your Representatives and Lead Officer have been in several sessions of negotiations with ISS on the issues in dispute.

I am pleased to update you that in the latest meeting on 8th August some positive progress has been made in the discussions and RMT and ISS have agreed to develop the following as a basis for moving towards an agreement:

• Retain the current 4-On/4-Off Shift pattern

• Reduce shift length to 9.25 Hours • An enhanced hourly rate of pay of £10.89 to protect earnings following the reduction in shift hours

• A new shift team structure of 4 teams of 5 staff on each shift

• Creation of 8 Team Coordinator posts

• The intention to retain all directly employed ISS staff on the contract without the need for redundancies

ISS are now working on the detail of their proposals and we expect to receive a written summary in the next few days.  If the proposals go forward ISS and RMT will work on an implementation strategy for North Pole to bring in the new team structures, shift times, Coordinators posts and pay rates in approximately 4-6 weeks.

I will keep members informed as we progress this matter but I hope you can appreciate that the proposals outlined above represent real progress in the dispute and may provide a basis for a settlement if confirmed and agreed.

Yours sincerely  


Mick Cash

General Secretary