Our Ref: BR4/16/3


3 July 2020



Dear colleague




Since I last wrote to you on 17th June with regards to Wabtec having announced large-scale redundancies at its Doncaster site, further information has been provided to your union with the company’s real intentions for its workforce.


If making 450 redundancies was not bad enough, the company have now said that it will actually make 760 posts redundant, including ALL 682 manual graded staff, still cutting the 450 posts from the worforce but forcing the remainder into newly created posts with different contracts of employment and associated Terms and Conditions.


Additionally – and even more outrageously – the company has stated that if it does not achieve its aims through consultation and negotiations with your union, then it will dismiss all staff and re-engage those it needs to continue the business. Not only that, but Wabtec has also hinted that it may even close the entire site down and sell off the premises and land.


Your union’s National Executive Committee has considered the matter and, first of all, wishes to commend the efforts of your Regional Organiser, your depot representatives and you and all your colleagues for all your efforts in what is a very difficult time.


Your NEC has also called on our Parliamentary Group to support our campaign to defend our members at Wabtec and to raise this matter in Parliament.


The NEC has also instructed me to arrange a meeting through the Zoom platform as soon as possible to give you and your colleagues the opportunity to discuss this matter with the NEC itself and also with your national officers and Regional Organiser and representatives. The details of this meeting will be sent to you in due course.


The NEC has stated quite clearly that it will not accept our members being treated in the way that Wabtec are trying to do and are wholly against any redundancies or imposed and unilateral attacks on your terms and conditions.


We are obviously in very difficult and worrying times for workers throughout our industry, but the way in which Wabtec management are acting in this manner is quite unacceptable.


As I say above, your union will do everything it possibly can to defend our members at Wabtec and get management to reverse its disgusting and unacceptable attacks on you and your colleagues.


I will write to you again on this matter in due course.



Yours sincerely


Mick Cash

General Secretary