Our Ref: BR4/16/3 19th August 2020

Dear colleague


Further to my previous letter dated 24th July 2020 I write to advise you that a further meeting will be taking place with Wabtec on Thursday 20th August which will formally end the redundancy consultation process.

In order to give members feedback on the latest situation in our discussions with the company we have organised a conference call via Zoom on Monday 24th August at 18.30 hours. The Senior Assistant General Secretary Mick Lynch, lead officer Stan Herschel as well as members of the union’s National Executive Committee will be on the call. All members at Doncaster are encouraged to take part.

The details of the Zoom meeting are as follows:-

Monday 24th August 2020 at 18.30 hours

Meeting ID: 889 7922 2519

Meeting Link   If you have not used Zoom before the simplest way to access it is through a Smartphone or Tablet as you only need to download an app. You can also do it through a computer and below are some guides to assist you with doing this.

Smartphone/Tablet Guide -

Laptop Guide -

I urge as many members to take part in this meeting as possible so we can get a clear picture of the views of the membership. This will allow the union’s NEC to determine our response to this very difficult situation. The NEC will be considering this matter once the meeting has taken place and I will write to you again to give you keep you informed of the latest situation.

Yours sincerely

RMT Union