Our Ref: BR2/1500


18th July 2019


Dear Colleague,




I am writing in relation to the above matter, as you know the union has been in discussion with the company on proposed changes to your terms and conditions. As you are aware there were a number of concerns with some of the offer, with many terms being ambiguous or open to interpretation. With this in mind the National Executive Committee wanted to seek the views of our Lead Officer and representatives.


A meeting has now taken place and the NEC has considered this matter further. Therefore, I have been instructed to go back to the company and seek improvements in the deal. Following discussions the NEC has noted your Reps would like to seek improvements in a number of areas, these should include but not restricted to the following:-


  • Increased number of rest days.
  • Same number of options for both grades.
  • Removal of the payback clause.
  • Proportional amount of Sunday turns for the proportional awards per year until fully implemented.
  • A commitment from the company to ‘ring fence’ the current train manager’s positions in the event of the current train managers rejecting the deal and the conductors accepting.


I will be informing the company of this decision and our intention to seek improvements to the deal. Once I have met with GWR and further discussions have taken place, I will provide a report for the NEC to consider the matter further.


I trust this keeps you fully advised and I will advise you of any further developments when meetings have taken place and when they arise.


Yours sincerely


Mick Cash

General Secretary