Role of the Guard and Extension of DOO – SWR

To All Guards, Commercial Guards and Train Drivers – SWR


Dear Colleague,

Role of the Guard and Extension of DOO – SWR

I have just been advised that SWR has taken the vindictive and petty decision to deduct a disproportionate amount of pay from members who took industrial action in support of retaining the safety role of the Guard.

I do not have the full details yet but some representatives have already advised me that the company has taken as much as 40% of a day’s pay. This is a disgraceful way for the company to treat their staff and makes a mockery of Andy Mellors assertion that he will respect the outcome of the ballot.

I am seeking urgent legal advice as to whether the company can make these deductions and will write to you again as soon as this is available.

In the meantime, I would refer you to my previous correspondence where I explained the necessity to hold a re-ballot on the same issues as a result of even more draconian changes to the anti-trade union legislation.

I advised you that it is our firm belief that the company, being aware that we need to re-ballot you, are stalling in the hope that we either lose the ballot or do not meet the ridiculously high thresholds required to continue our action.

Now they are also trying to influence how you vote by making punitive deductions from your pay – well let’s make sure this backfires spectacularly by returning an even bigger ‘YES’ mandate in the re-ballot. Let us prove that this intimidatory and bullying attitude will not be tolerated.

Please make sure you vote. Ballot papers will be sent to your home address on the 27th February. Not only are we asking you to vote ‘Yes’ we are asking you to make sure you use your vote and not let South Western Railway off the hook.


Yours sincerely,


Mick Cash
General Secretary