Role of the Guard and Extension of DOO – Greater Anglia

To all Revenue Protection Officers - Greater Anglia


Dear Colleague,

Role of the Guard and Extension of DOO – Greater Anglia

As you know your Conductor and Senior Conductor colleagues are currently taking industrial action, the next set of strike dates being the 8th and 9th November. Instead of trying to resolve the dispute Abellio is doing all it can to undermine the action itself.

The latest development has been the Office of Rail Regulation taking the extraordinary step of condemning Greater Anglia over safety. On inspecting GA’s desperate and reckless attempts to break the recent strikes, the ORR has outlined inadequate planning, risk assessment, training and safety validation for the contingency guards they used to run services. The company have been forced to acknowledge these deficiencies and have been instructed to address ORR’s concerns before they can attempt to use contingency guards again. This is a clear indictment of the cavalier attitude GA are showing to the safety of passengers and staff and we have urged the Government to strip them of their franchise for the sake of railway safety.

We now believe that Abellio will be doing their utmost to utilise your grade to undermine this dispute. It is possible you will be asked to undertake revenue collection on trains that would normally be staffed by Conductors and Senior Conductors.

Regrettably you cannot refuse to do this as it would be deemed to be part of your contract of employment.

It is unfortunate that in this day and age you can be forced to do so but the anti-trade union laws are very restrictive and are always in favour of management and against the workers.

However, there is something you can do to assist your colleagues. We would ask that you do not volunteer for any overtime or work your rest days. By doing this you will showing your solidarity with your work colleagues and will also be showing management that you are disgusted at their attempts to strike break – a decent employer wouldn’t put you in this position, especially following a democratic ballot by your Conductor colleagues.

Unity is Strength
Support your Striking Colleagues

Yours sincerely,


Mick Cash
General Secretary