Role of the Guard and Extension of DOO – South Western Railways

Our Ref: BR2/0146

5th March 2018


Dear Colleague,

Role of the Guard and Extension of DOO – South Western Railways

Further to my letter of 1st March 2018, your National Executive Committee has considered the appalling way in which South Western Railway has deducted 40% of a days wage for those who took part in the action last week. We believe this is totally unacceptable and in recent days we have sought advice on the best course of action to reverse this unacceptable and disproportionate treatment of our members.

Having sought legal advice, it has been confirmed that we will not be able to pursue claims for unlawful deduction of wages through an Employment Tribunal as this particular situation falls outside their jurisdiction. The only potential option available to us might be through the civil courts however this is a complicated process which will need to be explored in much greater detail. As such we will be seeking advice from our solicitors on the steps we would need to take. We will also be writing to the company to ascertain how they have decided on the level of deduction and seeking a breakdown of those affected.

I will keep members fully informed of developments. 
Yours sincerely,


Mick Cash
General Secretary