“Please be assured we will fully respect the democratic process of the ballot and the outcome whatever that may be.” Andy Mellors Managing Director South Western Railways 15th September 2017

As a consequence please understand that if you do not work flexibly as instructed then SWR is not obliged to pay you at all, even if you do some work. Further, you are personally liable for the losses which SWR incurs as a result of your refusal to work normally. SWR is entitled to set off its claims for these losses against your pay, as well as refusing to pay you if you do not work normally.

Andy Mellors Managing Director South Western Railways 7th February 2018

Dear Colleague,


You will by now probably have received a communication from Andy Mellors in which he bully and harasses members for taking legitimate industrial action. This communication is from the same person that promised as recently as September to respect the democratic process of our ballot and the outcome of it.

Well far from accepting the outcome he is now bullying and harassing his own employees. I have written to him reminding him that the ACAS defines bullying and harassment as ‘……………. any unwanted behaviour that makes someone feel intimidated, degraded, humiliated or offended’. Well his communication ticks all those boxes. These are behaviours that should be avoided not aspired too!

I have advised him that this is a disgraceful stance and the company are now resorting to tactics last seen employed by Southern (GTR) to have taken and we have never experienced this from any other employer. I have also advised him that we would vigorously defend any illegal deductions from our members pay. I have demanded they be withdrawn immediately and an apology issued to you.

In addition I have written to the Steve Montgomery, Managing Director, Rail Division of First Group, the overall holding company, complaining that a Managing Director of one of their divisions should bully and harass their employees in the way Mr Mellors has and asked that he ensures this type of communication and action ceases within the business.

Should you wish to complain at this harassment and bullying, and I hope you will, please complete the attached pro-forma and scan (it will need your signature) and email to or alternatively post to Industrial Relations Department, RMT, Unity House, 39 Chalton Street, London, NW1 1JD.

Support the Industrial Action

Support your Colleagues

Support your Union


Yours sincerely,


Mick Cash

General Secretary