14th September 2017


Dear colleague,



Repudiation Pursuant to Section 21 of the Trade Union and
Labour Relations Act 1992

I wish to draw your attention to a notice sent by way of an email from James Deery the Ipswich Branch Secretary dated 13th September 2017 at 9:32am in the following terms:

Date: 13/09/2017 09:32 (GMT+00:00)
Subject: Future of Conductors - Greater Anglia UPDATE

Good Morning,

As many of you will be aware yesterday, 12/09/17, the ballot result returned an overwhelming YES vote for both strike and action short of a strike. The national executive are taking the result under consideration and are forwarding it to Greater Anglia as a formal notification that we are in dispute.
As per the ballot paper, please note that through the democratic process we are now in an official overtime ban until April 2017 or until this dispute is resolved. This means the following:

- No Rest Day Working (RDW).
- No overtime above your hours on the weekly sheet unless from spare.
- No overtime on your shift on the daily sheet other than due to late running of your last train service.
- No changing of shifts (off roster).
- No additional sunday working.
- No working sundays on annual leave.
- The basics of our contracts will apply as to the following:
- We must work our booked shifts as per the base roster or weekly sheet.
- We can be moved an unlimited amount from spare as long as it complies with the rules of HIDDEN.
- We can only be moved off our booked shift IF our shift has been cancelled due to engineering works (modifications).
- We can work other trains than we are booked but it MUST be within our booked start and finish times.
Our other entitlements are as follows:
Breaks must be the following:
- 5-6 hour turn 1 x 20 minute break
- 6-9 hour turn 1 x 30 minute break or 2 x 20 minute breaks
- 9+ hour turn 45 minute break than can be broken up into shorter breaks.
On these breaks we are entitled, through government legislation, facilities for rest, toilet facilites, drink and the chance to heat food.
Though please note due this the following will likely apply too:
- No 'cut outs'
- No leaving early from a turn or spare
- No leave being granted due to no cover being avaliable
- More an 8 hour spare movements due to no cover

Everyone must stick with these instructions so we can effectively use our collective strength to fight back these changes to the conductor role to degrade and open the role up the role to becoming an unsecure role thats only guarenteed until 2025, with no guarentee of a role after this date. This will be as affective as any strike action that takes place and will assist us all in forcing Greater Anglia back around the table to make them back down over this dispute. If anyone decides to work any overtime, it will mean that the dispute can last longer, mean more strike days and more lost money by everyone. The harder we fight, the closer we stick together and use or collective strengh we can win this fight and keep our role secure for the future. If anyone has any questions, please speak to a union representative or official, email at or contact someone on the facebook group.

Yours sincerely,

James Deery,
Branch Secretary”

This notice sent by email has been repudiated by your Union with immediate effect as of Thursday 14th September 2017. Therefore please disregard it in its entirety.

Please note the following which I am obliged to tell you pursuant to legislative requirements:

Your union has repudiated the call (or calls) for industrial action to which this notice relates and will give no support to unofficial industrial action taken in response to it (or them). If you are dismissed while taking unofficial industrial action, you will have no right to complain of unfair dismissal.

If you are involved in industrial action the Union urges you to resume normal working. Any industrial action will be authorised by the Union’s National Executive Committee and members will be notified accordingly by official union correspondence. Whilst the union has to operate with very harsh legal constraints, it remains fully committed to seeking a swift and just resolution to the dispute by all available means.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary