Role of the Guard and Introduction of DOO – Merseyrail

To All Merseyrail Guard and Driver Members


Our Ref: BR2/0146


5th July 2017



Dear Colleague


Role of the Guard and Introduction of DOO – Merseyrail


You will by now have received a missive from Merseyrail that is being economical with the truth, in that they leave out more than they put in. Let me quote directly from the GWR letter that Merseyrail so helpfully (mis)use to make their argument. 


‘No extension of DOO


GWR is not proposing to introduce DCO or DOO operation on any additional lines of route. DOO(P) currently  applies on our Thames Valley service groups where rolling stock has the capability as follows …’


GWR then go on to quote the lines including Didcot, Oxford and Banbury, as stated by Merseyrail. This is not an introduction of ‘brand new’ units at all but is the services that currently run DOO.


Let me make it absolutely clear. This union’s policy is that there should be a Guard on every train and that Guard should have safety responsibilities. This policy, as you are all probably aware, is long standing and steadfast. The RMT has never wavered in its determination to fight for this. Furthermore, what is also very clear is that the travelling public, especially the vulnerable and those with disabilities wish to retain a Guard on the train.


The union has not always been successful in its fight against DOO and some DOO routes are in place. However, we will continue our fight to have this reversed and a Guard returned to every train on every Train Operating Company.


Merseyrail wish to save money – plain and simple.


They can list every ‘technical standard’ they wish but can a machine call the police if there is an incident? Can a machine help evacuate a train in an emergency? You have voted overwhelmingly for industrial action. You voted on the basis of retaining a Guard on all new trains. You voted because you know the issues. Ignore Merseyrail management lies.






Best wishes.


Mick Cash

General Secretary