Our Ref LUL/8/2

7th May 2020

Dear Colleagues


I write in relation to negotiations that have previously taken place with your Station Functional Council where we sought an agreement that station staff will be adequately protected with regards to ensuring social distancing as per Governments advice. The agreement reached has been adhered to by the vast majority of stations areas but not in the Jubilee South area.

One of the important actions agreed was that a Level 1 meeting with our reps should take place as soon as reasonably practical to explore the possibility of shorter shifts, additional rest days or whatever was required to ensure staff were protected at work and only the minimum number of staff should be at work to enable stations to remain open to provide an emergency service for essential workers.

Indeed LUL produced new BNS (Business Needs Schematics) to outline all stations will operate on Sunday numbers. Whilst positive conversations have taken place at Jubilee Central the same can not be said for the rest of Jubilee South Area. Jubilee South Area agreed additional rest days and enhanced cutaways to maintain social distancing. However this was only introduced at London Bridge.

We have been advised that the Waterloo AM, who refuses to attend Level 1 meetings, has flatly refused to adhere to a level 1 agreed action. Jubilee East area management have also consistently refused to enter into any discussions. Their AMS having stated they are not negotiating on the new BNS and will not allow revised rosters or working arrangements. This is contravention of a direct instruction from Director of Customer Service, Head of Customer Service and an agreed SFC minute. The agreement to allow shorter shifts and spare days was reached on the 3rd March 2020 and relayed to all area managers.

Given the evident intransigence of the area management, we have been advised that it was rewritten as a process to follow which was circulated on the 9th April. Management continue to disregard this instruction to the detriment of members’ wellbeing.

Quite understandably you and your colleagues are appalled and frustrated at the attitude being shown by area management which is wholly unacceptable and beggars belief at a time when you are rising to the challenge of keeping an emergency service running for essential users.

As a result of the above the NEC has concluded that a dispute now exists and we will be preparing a ballot matrix. As part of this process I would be grateful if members could ensure their contact and employment details are up to date so that we are prepared should the need to ballot members arise.

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate yourselves, your local reps, Stations Functional Council reps, Branch, and lead officer for their continued efforts to enforce agreements on this station area.

We have requested an urgent meeting with the company and I will keep you fully informed of developments.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary