Sign the petition, join the fight for better pay and conditions for Servest cleaners

I'm writing to urge you to get behind your union's campaign for Servest cleaners by signing the our petition, here:

RMT is a proud, militant industrial union. When you join RMT you join a union for all grades on the railway, committed to building the unity and power to win improvements for everyone.

Across the industry, our union is building its campaign to win justice for cleaners because we know that now is the time to press the case that cleaners are essential workers. We're building that campaign with your employer too, setting our sights on Servest.

Recently we ran a survey of you and your colleagues, asking you about your working life. This showed the true cost of outsourcing and low pay.

· 65% said they sometimes or regularly struggle to get by on what they earned.
· 62% said they have gone into work while sick because they couldn't afford to stay off work on the sick pay they'd get.
· 67% reported that they were not confident that they had enough staff to do the job properly.

Your union has submitted a pay claim that will tackle these abuses, seeking a pay increase, travel benefits and sick pay equivalent to other railway workers. Now we're building a petition so that your employer is left in no doubt about your strength of feeling. The aim is to hand this petition in on 3 September.

What you can do:

- Most importantly, sign the relevant petition. Do this today and help us build the numbers to show that we speak for you. Sign the petition here and make sure that all your colleagues do the same -

- If you can join the delegation handing in the petition on 3rd September, we are meeting at 12:00 Monument Underground Station email and by Friday 27th August letting us know the train you wish to travel on so we can buy your travel ticket - please include your name, membership number and contact details.

Finally, check out our growing campaign for cleaning grades here: Cleaners are Essential - rmt

Support your union today. Unity is strength.