Our Ref: LUL/14/2


19 December 2019



Dear colleague




Our London Transport Regional Council submitted a resolution for consideration by your National Executive Committee with regards to the worrying shortfall of staff in the Revenue Control Department.


This department has an establishment of 237 but has now only 140 members of staff. This gradual decrease has occurred over the last 10 years with no new Revenue Control Inspectors being recruited or trained to make up the shortfall.


There has also been a surge in violence against station staff and LU itself has admitted that 90% of assaults on our members are a direct consequence of fare evasion. Despite this, the company has refused to resource additional Revenue Control Inspectors and have now announced the recruitment of 60 Revenue Control Officers who will be expected to undertake similar duties to an RCI but for a salary of £18k less.


This is being seen as a move to eradicate the RCI grade altogether and replace with this new lower grade. This move will do nothing to tackle fare evasion and will not reduce workplace violence and is an insult to you and your colleagues.


The London Transport Regional Council resolution states that LU must abandon its plans to downgrade the role of RCIs and take immediate action to honour the agreed establishment and restore the 100+ missing RCI jobs.


The NEC has therefore been asked to:


Declare an immediate dispute with LU

Ballot all RCIs for strike action and action short of a strike

Expose the epidemic of fare evasion and the associated violence (500, 114 recorded incidents in the business year 2018/19)

Write to the Mayor demanding he take action


Your NEC has considered this resolution and noted the contents. I have also been instructed to arrange a meeting of Revenue Control Local and Functional Council Representatives along with the Lead Officer and Senior Assistant General Secretary to discuss this matter and develop our strategy. This meeting will take place on 7th January 2019, after which the NEC will again consider the matter.


Your union will do all in our power to defend the RCI grade and resist any management attempts to downgrade this important and vital role. I will write to you again in due course with details of any further development in this matter.



Yours sincerely


Mick Cash

General Secretary