Stations Re-Organisation – Great Western Railway

Our Ref: BR2/15/4

1st September 2016

Dear Colleague,

Stations Re-Organisation – Great Western Railway

I have received information in relation to the above matter from discussions held at the Great Western Railway Stations Divisional Council over the company’s proposed ‘efficiency savings’ process and how the company plans to progress with these plans. The National Executive Committee has recently considered this matter and has expressed their concerns at the company’s total failure to adhere to the agreed collective bargaining and machinery. Additionally, the company’s proposals to remove the agreements preventing single staffing of Gatelines and other proposed agreement removals is incredibly alarming.

As you are aware your representatives are elected in order to negotiate on your behalf through a machinery of local and divisional councils. As trade Union members you have the right to elect these representatives who are agreed to by both this union and your employer.

Your elected representatives at Stations Divisional Council have acknowledged that the company’s proposals represent a clear deterioration of you and your colleague’s grade and role.  In order to address these concerns regarding GWR’s proposed Stations Reorganisation your representatives attempted to raise these issues with the company, through the agreed machinery of negotiation and by raising an Avoidance of Dispute. However, despite your representatives’ best efforts, GWR have disappointedly decided to go outside the agreed method of negotiation and attempted to consult locally on changes they intend to impose without agreement.

Some of these proposed changes include:

•    Cutting Station Grades Jobs.
•    Changing Rosters.
•    Using Non-Station Grades Staff to do Station duties, including working Gatelines.
•    Imposing Single Staffing of Gatelines, in breach of existing agreements and which this union believes is unsafe for our members.

Additionally, you and your colleagues in other grades are being put in jeopardy by the company’s proposals made in respect of the PTR&R arising from the implementation of the Intercity Express Programme (IEP). These proposals cannot be fulfilled without simultaneously making efficiency savings and cutting jobs. Previously GWR had committed to keeping and increasing Station Grades roles to accommodate these changes.

Therefore, I will be writing to GWR demanding that collective bargaining and collective agreements are adhered to and that local consultation over efficiency savings are immediately ceased and that this matter is dealt with at Avoidance of Disputes stage of our collective bargaining machinery. Additionally, I will inform the company that failure to address our concerns a dispute situation will exist between our organisations.

I will keep you fully informed of any further developments that may arise in regards to this issue.

Yours sincerely
Mick Cash
General Secretary