Our Ref: SH/4/19
25th August 2021

Dear Colleagues


I witing you regarding the treatment of your colleague Brother James Hennessey. Brother Hennessey has been suspended by Briggs Marine after being accused of breaching the email/internet access policy and insubordination. Brother Hennessey has been accused of printing out a poster containing the text ‘why you always lying’ and placing it on the company’s values board. Brother Hennessey denies using a work computer to print out this material and denies posting it on the values board.

Your union is of the belief that Brother Hennessey is being targeted for his trade union activities. Consequently, the National Executive Committee has instructed me to write to Briggs Marine demanding that Brother Hennessey is returned to work forthwith. This instruction has been carried out. Additionally, and in line with the wishes of the National Executive Committee, I have advised the company that if Brother Hennessey is not returned to work, then this union will consider balloting RMT members for industrial action.

I would be grateful if members could ensure that the RMT has the correct contact details (i.e. email, postal address, mobile number) and employment details (i.e. workplace and grade) for you by logging onto the members area of the website or alternatively you can e-mail us at or call the Freephone helpline on 0800 376 3706.

I will of course write to you again when any further developments arise in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Michael Lynch
General Secretary