Our Ref: SH/15/4

4th November 2020

Dear Colleague,


Referring to my previous correspondence dated 23rd July 2020, where I advised you that a “Statement of Intent” (SOI) has been complied. This document gave your union space and time to start on the creation of a new OCA agreement. I write to you today to inform you that a new collective bargaining structure has been drafted and it will be named “Energy Services Agreement” (ESA)

Over the last few months your union has contacted all the major offshore companies to try and gain their support for the new agreement and there has been some reasonable success. On Tuesday 3rd November, it was confirmed that 15 offshore companies have signed the SOI. These companies are: Aker, Altrad, Altera, Brand, Kaefer, Muehlhan, Navitas, ODE, Oleochem, Petrofac, Ponticelli, Semco, Stork, Wood and Worley. These 15 companies have committed to the further development of the new ESA agreement and we will continue to work towards a final settlement which will replace the OCA.

It is your union’s firm belief that it is vital for you and our colleagues to be covered by a collective bargaining agreement to protect your hard-fought for terms and conditions. It is to this end that RMT is working on your behalf. Our work will continue to complete the ESA, with affected members being consulted on the matter and to ensure that a signed agreement is in place by the end of the year.

I will keep you advised of further developments.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary