Our Ref: LUL/14/2


19 December 2019



Dear colleague




Your National Executive Committee has recently considered a resolution submitted by the Neasden Branch which highlights the drive by LU management to introduce a two-tier workforce using their response to the massive rise in workplace violence as the excuse for doing so.


The branch states that the response – to replace the RCI role with the new grade of RCO and CSA2s doing the work of CSA1s both at a much lower rate of pay - offers nothing to station grades suffering from such threats and violence, which often occur when lone working.


Neasden Branch has therefore called on the NEC to consult with other branches in the region with a view to balloting all station grades members for industrial action. The specific demands are for:


End lone working

Fill all vacant RCI vacancies

Audit all stations to ensure that there are safe levels of staffing, places of safety that are fit for purpose, rosters that do not create unacceptable levels of fatigue


Your NEC has considered the resolution and states that consultation has now taken place with branches in the region and that they are fully supportive of a move to ballot our members should the company not reach agreement with your union on this matter.


The NEC has declared that your union will not tolerate our members being assaulted at work or being left out to dry by the company as LU attempt to opportunistically use of the abandonment of RCI staff to bring in a new grade of RCO without agreement. This step from management would effectively close off one of the last lines of promotion for stations grades and would also force CSA2s to undertake the work of CSA1s on a far inferior salary.


The NEC has therefore instructed me to arrange a meeting with all Station Grades representatives along with your Regional Organiser, national officers and members of the NEC. This meeting is taking place on 7th January 2020, after which I will keep you advised of any further developments.


In the meantime, I would ask that, if there have been any recent changes to your job or personal details, then you contact the union’s freephone helpline on 0800 376 3706 as soon as possible with any amendments.



Yours sincerely


Mick Cash

General Secretary