Our Ref: B/8/2

9 July 2019

Dear colleague


I previously advised you of the magnificent result you and your colleagues delivered in the ballot for industrial action. To remind you, it was 125-18 in favour of taking strike action and 121-22 votes in favour of taking industrial action short of a strike.

This was a fantastic result and demonstrated the feelings of anger and dismay that you and your colleagues have had over this long-standing problem and which management have for too long failed to resolve.

Following the company being advised of this result, negotiations began between your union and management and an initial constructive meeting took place at which it was felt by your negotiators that progress had been made. However, correspondence sent by Stagecoach South West to your Regional Organiser following this does not reflect that issues that your union had believed were agreed at the meeting.

With your Regional Organiser and Branch feeling that this was yet another example of the company dragging its feet, they recommended announcing strike action to concentrate management’s mind. Your National Executive Committee has noted this recommendation and has called for one-day strike action. You are therefore instructed not to book on for any shifts which commence between:

00.01 hours and 23.59 hours on Saturday 27th July 2019

Your union does, of course, remain open to meaningful talks with the company to resolve this dispute. But we can no longer just allow management to draw out this process even longer in the hope that you and your colleagues will allow them to do so. I hope management will get back round the table with your negotiators as a matter or extreme urgency. But the strike action which you and your colleagues voted to take will go ahead in the absence of any significant movement from Stagecoach management.

You have shown determination to see justice in this campaign for a more family friendly and fair roster and one that is hoped will be in line with the aspirations of you and your colleagues.


Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary