Our Ref: BR2/1500


18th December 2019


Dear Colleague




Further to previous correspondence, since we advised Nexus that we are escalating our industrial action they have made no efforts to resolve this dispute. This sort of attitude shows nothing but contempt for our reasonable and justifiable claim which would provide flexibility for the introduction of the new rolling stock whilst seeing a fair increase in salary levels and a reduction in the working week for Traincrew grades. Management have rejected our proposals out of hand claiming there is no money.


Instead of trying to reach an agreement in this dispute they have instead used their energy and money to use lawyers to try to challenge the legitimacy of our ballot which your union has and will continue to resist if necessary. This in addition to the punitive measures where they have started to decline lieu days clearly demonstrates an appalling attitude from the company towards our members who are quite rightly incensed. 


We cannot allow their contempt for our Traincrew members’ aspirations to continue and therefore, as previously advised the NEC has called members to take the following industrial action by not booking on for any shifts that commence between:


  • 01.01 hours on Friday 20th December 2019 until 01.00 hours on Sunday 22nd December 2019


Please note the below industrial action short of a strike is suspended during the strike action but will commence again immediately afterwards from 01.01 hours on Sunday 22nd December 2019 until further notice.


  • Overtime ban and rest day working ban
  • All train crew coaches to cease the voluntary role of coach/mentor pertaining to train drivers. This to include both in and out of passenger service, as well as, class room activities/duties.


I urge you and your colleagues to continue to stand united and support the forthcoming strike action. We must force management to get back round the table and seriously consider our proposals and reaches an agreement which  meets our aspirations.




Yours sincerely


Mick Cash

General Secretary