Our Ref: BR2/1500

23rd December 2019

Dear Colleague,


Firstly, I would like to congratulate you and your colleagues for your solid show of solidarity and determination during the recent industrial action. The resolve of you and your colleagues has been unwavering and shows how determined we are in trying to resolve this dispute. It is fantastic that our picket lines have been well attended with support coming from all over, including the North of Tyne Mayor who has provided TV interviews supporting our strike action.

Unfortunately, management have once again shown their contempt for you and your colleagues. It is disgraceful that rather than trying to resolve this dispute management have produced misleading and disingenuous propaganda. Furthermore, despite the support we have received the company has made no movement in trying to resolve this dispute. It is appalling that the company have shown no regard for their employees and are still determined on rejecting our fair and reasonable proposals.

We cannot allow the mistreatment and injustice to carry on and now must escalate the dispute further. Therefore, the National Executive Committee has considered this matter and has instructed you and your colleagues to take further strike action by not booking on for any shifts that commence between:-

01:01 Hours on Monday 6th January 2020 until 01:00 Hours on Wednesday 8th January 2020.

Please Note: The below industrial action short of a strike is suspended during the strike action but will commence again immediately afterwards from 01.01 hours on Wednesday 8th January 2020.

Overtime ban and rest day working ban.
All train crew coaches to cease the voluntary role of coach/mentor pertaining to train drivers. This to include both in and out of passenger service, as well as, class room activities/duties.

I urge you and your colleagues to continue to stand shoulder to shoulder during the upcoming industrial action. We must send management clear message that we will not allow their deplorable actions to continue. The company must be left in no doubt that they have no choice but to get around the table and seriously consider our proposals and reach an agreement to resolve this dispute.


Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary