Our Ref: BR4/15/6

9th August 2021

Dear Colleague,


It has been brought to the Union’s attention that over the weekend Transport for Wales (TfW) has agreed the purchase of Pullman Rail Limited from Colas Rail UK.

The acquisition comes following the TfW’s national review of its depots and stabling options, including the largest Depot in Cardiff based at Canton. The majority of TfW’s trains are serviced, cleaned, and maintained at the depot, where Pullman Rail also operate out of and alongside TfW Rail Fleet and Engineering teams. The company hope that the purchase of Pullman Rail will allow for the required support and capacity to be available for the introduction of TfW’s flagship Metro scheme, new rolling stock and the wider plans to reform the Wales transport network.

It is envisioned that Pullman rail will continue to operate as a stand-alone operation, with activity remaining in the business and services continuing to be delivered under the Pullman rail brand. Transport for Wales has also stated that contracts of employment, terms and conditions will remain unchanged. However, payroll and IT systems will move in-house to Pullman rail and members will receive new laptops and technology where applicable. The pay dates, email addresses, TU recognition and agreements will all remain unchanged.

Your Union is seeking an urgent meeting with TfW and Pullman rail to understand the changes and impact it will have on members and the Welsh transport network. The union has, for some time, been concerned about the Pullman rail site and will need to understand the full details of the deal.

I will be placing this matter before your Union’s National Executive Committee and your Union will continue to monitor the situation closely.

I trust this keeps you fully advised, and I will write again following any further updates.

Yours sincerely

Michael Lynch
General Secretary