TUPE Transfer from LNER to Hitachi

Our Ref: BR4/15/10
26 October 2018

To: RMT Members at Bounds Green and Craigentinny

Dear colleague

TUPE Transfer from LNER to Hitachi

Further discussions with Hitachi have taken place to address the issues - particularly on pensions and travel - that will arise from the transfer of employment from LNER to Hitachi in early November.

From the RMT briefings at the depots and the materials circulated by RMT Representatives you will be aware that the RMT is very concerned at the very detrimental increases in costs for both travel facilities and pensions for you and your colleagues.

The RMT has stated to both Hitachi and LNER that the package of measures needs to be improved through negotiation with your Union in order to avoid a dispute.

Further discussions have taken place and RMT put forward a number of ideas and proposals that would help to create an improved package for our members at Bounds Green and Craigentinny. Hitachi are considering these before they respond.

In the meantime Hitachi has informed RMT that they will be conducting more briefing session on site in groups and individuals. They say this is for information purposes and also so that they can scope the breadth of the issues on pensions and travel.

Hitachi will respond to RMT’s proposals after these sessions. Undoubtedly they will be using these briefings and sessions with individuals to judge the strength of feeling among members and to assess what they should offer in a revised package.

I want all RMT members to be assured that the Union will continue to press for improvements in the package of measures put forward by Hitachi and that we remain in dispute with the company until a satisfactory package is created through negotiation.

I will of course keep you advised of all developments but would ask members to bear in mind what we are trying to achieve and continue to support the Union’s positions in all communications and dialogue with Hitachi and LNER managers and representatives.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash
General Secretary