Messages of support for RMT

Messages of support for RMT

25 April 2018

RMT Press Office:

Following RMT's rally today to defend the role of the guard and maintain accessibility for all we have received the following messages of support

List of senders of messages of support International Transport Federation Executive Board Caroline Lucas – MP for Brighton Pavilion Prison officers Association Disability Rights UK National Association of Probation Officers University and Colleges Union (UCU) UNISON Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) Germany’s biggest transport union VER.DI - United Services Trade Union World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), TUC General Secretary National Education Union – NUT Section Unite

ITF support for the RMT and its members The ITF leadership, on behalf of 20 million transport workers worldwide, expresses full solidarity and support for the RMT and its members in the fight for UK railways. 25 April marks two years into the fight to defend jobs, security, accessibility and safety on the UK railways. The disputes that have taken place have been tough. And they will continue to be tough. But everyone in the global trade union movement knows that RMT members are tough. And you are not alone in the fight. The ITF and our affiliated unions are driving a global campaign for democratic control of public transport. All over the world, we are pushing back on privatisation and the race to the bottom. Together, we will stop privateers putting profit before people. We will stop them calling the shots. We will use our collective power to secure the future of workers and the public at large. So as you fight for jobs, as you fight for safety, as you fight for justice in the future of the railways, your sisters and brothers from around the world are fighting with you, shoulder to shoulder. You have the solidarity of the transport workers of the world.

I send a message of solidarity to all those RMT members who have sacrificed pay to stand up and protest against Driver Only Operation and the need to ensure safety for passengers – I back the RMT campaign to keep the guard on the train.  I and many others are grateful to RMT members who continue to stand up for accessibility for people with disabilities; to stand up for safety, and for security. We thank you for your determination, your personal sacrifice and your commitment. Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion  House of Commons  London SW1A 0AA The POA sends solidarity to RMT members in their struggle to ensure safety on the railways for passengers.  The RMT can be proud of their record in their fight for defence of jobs, Security and Safety”.   Steve Gillan General Secretary

Disability Rights UK is in full support of the rally to oppose driver only operation on trains.  We believe driver only operated trains are detrimental to the interests of disabled people who rely on staff support to be able to travel safely and comfortably.  We know of disabled people who have been unable to travel because of driver only operation and we fear there will be many more if this policy is pursued.  Furthermore we believe this policy runs counter to equality legislation and will set back the ability of disabled people to travel by years.  Equality is more important that increasing profits for the train operating companies. Best wishes Sue Bott CBE Deputy Chief Executive Disability Rights UK

Unfortunately I will not be able to come and support this event in person as I have a full day of pre-booked commitments, but on behalf of Napo members across the Probation and Family Court services, I wanted to wish you well in your continual struggle in defence of jobs, security, accessibility and the safety of staff and passengers.

I am sure that the rally will be well supported and will help to maintain awareness among politicians and the public of these vital issues.

Yours in solidarity.


Ian Lawrence General Secretary NAPO

Dear Mick

University and College Union sends its solidarity to you for the national protest next week and your ongoing dispute defending safety and keeping the guard on the train.

We congratulate your members for their actions and winning agreements in Wales and Scotland and you have our support for the continued campaign.

Sally Hunt General Secretary

“The BFAWU sends a message of solidarity to our comrades in RMT taking action to sustain all our safety when we travel on trains. Let’s take our railways back, protect rail workers jobs and get rid of this heinous anti worker government. Victory to these brave strikers”

Regards Ronnie Draper General Secretary Bakers Food & Allied Workers Union

Pledging the union’s support to the RMT and marking the two year anniversary of the DOO dispute, PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said:

“Our union stands full square behind the RMT in their determination to win this long running dispute.

“Private profit has no place on our railways and we salute your stand in fighting to keep the guard on the train, prioritising passenger safety, in the face of an unreasonable and greedy employer. “You are an inspiring example to our movement and we have no doubt that you will win this important campaign.”  

On behalf of ver.di’s Section for Public Transport, Coach and Rail we send you greetings in solidarity and wish you success for your fight.

In Solidarity

Mira Ball ver.di - United Services Trade Union Federal Administration Transport Industries' Department Section for Public Transport, Coach and Rail

The TUC sends solidarity and support to RMT members in their campaigns to put safety and standards before cost cutting and profits. The best way to take costs out of the railways is to end the private sector profit take and the waste of the franchise system by bringing rail services back into an integrated publicly owned railway. Frances O’Grady TUC General Secretary

On behalf of the National Education Union (NUT section) I send a message of solidarity to all RMT members taking action on the 25th April in their dispute in defence of jobs, security, accessibility and safety. You have our full support in your struggle against the loss on trains of trained safety critical Guards, essential for all passengers but especially the vulnerable, the disabled and the elderly. Your victory will help ensure the safety of all railway passengers and we wish you well. In solidarity Yours sincerely

Kevin Courtney

Joint General Secretary National Education Union – NUT Section

Britain: WFTU solidarity message with National RMT protest over rail safety on 25th April

The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), representing more than 92 million workers in 126 countries across the world, declares its internationalist solidarity with our colleagues from the British transport union of RMT, against Driver Only Operation and in defence of keeping the guard on the train.

The strikes of our colleagues from the transport sector against the loss on trains of trained safety critical Guards is a fight they must win for all passengers but especially the vulnerable, the disabled and the elderly, for all Britain’s popular strata.

The big trade union family of the WFTU has pointed out many times the European governments’ predatory policy against transports, trying to privatize everything, wherever they have not yet achieved that.

At the same time as the British bourgeois and government attack Syria and back up imperialists’ plans they continue their anti-labour attack against British working class.

In this context, the WFTU stands in solidarity with RMT and their just struggle, against the privateers attempt to get rid of all safety critical jobs at stations and on trains.

Long live workers’ solidarity! Victory for the transport workers struggle!

The Secretariat

 Dear Mick   On behalf of Unite members we send a message of solidarity to RMT members in the 2nd anniversary of the fight back against Driver Only Operation in the Rail Industry.   This is to express Unite’s total support for your campaign on driver-only trains. We encourage our members to stand with you in your protest outside Parliament on April 25th.   We recognise the dispute is about passenger safety, mobility and a safe railway system.  The employer’s agenda is clear: to put private profit before public safety & we stand shoulder to shoulder with our RMT comrades.

We must win this struggle for all passengers - especially older, disabled passengers and those who find faceless transport intimidating.    The government have waged a campaign against the RMT and your policy against driver-only trains, and it is a credit to the RMT that you have stood firm in your campaign.   The RMT has the full support of Unite the Union to win the dispute which will protect the travelling public and the rail workers you represent too.   Yours in solidarity,   Len McCluskey General Secretary

“UNISON’s 1.3 million members stand alongside you in your fight. Safe, decent, humane public services can only be delivered with safe staffing levels. Your fight to keep the guard on the train is our fight - and you will always have our support.

In Solidarity

Dave Prentis”


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