Mick Cash warns union AGM of "massive fights ahead"

Mick Cash warns union AGM of

27 June 2016

RMT Press Office:

Mick Cash warns union AGM of "massive fights ahead" as political and economic turmoil rages.

At the annual general meeting of the powerful transport union RMT in Cardiff today, General Secretary Mick Cash warned that the political and economic turmoil currently raging leaves the entire trade movement facing "massive fights ahead that we can only win through the maximum solidarity and unity the length and breadth of the labour movement."

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said;

“The labour movement faces huge challenges and the last thing that we need now is self-inflicted damage and division when we should be standing shoulder to shoulder to protect our members and their communities.

"RMT is waging major industrial and political campaigns against attacks on rail safety and rail jobs and that is mirrored by our battles in the maritime, off-shore and road transport sectors. For thousands of our members those fights are about defending their very livelihoods and the future of the industries that they work in.

"RMT continues to grow as a union and that is solely down to the fact that we are a democratic, fighting and campaigning organisation led by our members. We face tough times ahead but the union is geared up and is ready and equipped to deal with whatever is thrown at us."


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