More tube breakdowns reinforce warnings over night running

More tube breakdowns reinforce warnings over night running

2 June 2015

RMT Press Office

Another morning of tube breakdowns reinforces union warnings over night running.

General Secretary Mick Cash said;

"Another spate of breakdowns has hit tube services this morning and once again reinforce RMT's warnings over the consequences of the Mayor's ill-conceived vanity project of night tube running, scheduled to be rushed through in just three months time.

"RMT has repeatedly warned of the impact from the loss of engineering, maintenance and safety-critical inspection time, alongside the added pressure on fleet and infrastructure, of turning the power on early on Friday morning and not switching off again until close of business on Sunday. Those warnings have been ignored and the travelling public are being kept in the dark as Boris Johnsons final pet project as London Mayor is bulldozed through regardless.

"Alongside our sister unions,  RMT will shortly begin balloting across the combine for industrial action over night tube running and the linked issue of pay. It's about time that the Mayor and his senior staff started listening ‎to what the tube workforce are saying instead of dragging London to the brink of chaos. "


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