"Nonsense of privatisation" as Network Rail shells out £48m

21 October 2016

RMT Press Office

RMT slams "nonsense of privatisation" as Network Rail shells out £48 million to Southern/GTR in compo

General Secretary Mick Cash said:

"This multi-million compo payout from Network Rail to Southern/GTR exposes the economic nonsense of our privatised and fragmented railways. This is money that could have been spent on maintaining and upgrading our failing real infrastructure but instead it is siphoned off into the pockets of the private GTR shareholders. The idea that this money finds its way back to Southern's passengers is frankly laughable. 


"If GTR were thrown off the tracks for their gross mismanagement and repeated failures we could end this crazy system of corporate welfare and compensation and run the entire railway in the public interest. These figures show yet again that the cash is there to keep the guards on the trains if we weren't locked into a profit-driven  rail system that robs Peter to pay Paul on a cosmic scale with safety way off the agenda. "

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