Northern Rail & Trans Pennine Express Campaign at DfT

Northern Rail & Trans Pennine Express Campaign at DfT

18 August 2014

RMT Press Office - Photo © Jess Hurd/RMT

RMT takes fight for rail services in the North to the Government’s doorstep

RMT campaigners from across the North joined a protest this morning at the Department for Transport in London where the union handed in 10,000 cards opposing the consultation plans for the Northern and TPE franchises which would axe jobs, raise fares, cancel key services and close ticket offices and stations while leaving safety on a knife edge.

RMT’s campaign has mobilised public opinion against the Government and Rail North proposals through nearly 50 public events compared to a pitiful five organised through the official DfT public consultation which closed today.

Mick Cash, RMT Acting General Secretary, said:

“Today was just round one of the fight to stop the carve up of jobs and services on Northern and Trans-Pennine Express, we now move into the next phase which is ratcheting up the political pressure on this issue with the next election looming large on the horizon.

“Politicians across the North need to recognise that if they don’t oppose the plans to rip apart rail services in the North in the name of profit then they will be called to account by an electorate that RMT will ensure is fully aware of the issues.

“The only solution to this racketeering on our railway tracks is public ownership and the return of our railways to the people on the basis that they are run as a public service and not as a get-rich-quick scheme for greedy private train companies.”


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