Northern Rail Customer Relations Staff to take strike action

Northern Rail Customer Relations Staff to take strike action

3 November 2015


Northern Rail Customer Relations Staff to take further strike action on Monday 9th November.

Customer Relations members at Leeds have been in dispute with Northern Rail since August over a job evaluation  of jobs in their department which led to an unacceptable downgrading from a CO4 to a CO2 grade.

Our members were totally appalled by the outcome of the review as well as management’s refusal to reconsider their decision, so a ballot for industrial action was held. The result was an incredible 95% vote in favour of taking action with the GGC calling two days of action in October and November.

We have demanded the following

1.    The letter issued confirming that the CO4 Clerical officer role of existing employees will be downgraded to a CO2 should be withdrawn.

2.    That the two evaluation processes carried out by a trained manager and then a trained Hay Evaluator will be set aside and for the present time the Customer Relations Officer Grade CO4 posts will remain at CO4.

3.    That no changes will be made to the duties of those carrying out Customer Relation Officer Roles at CO5.

4.    A meeting to be arranged with the affected employees and the union to agree a new evaluation process to consider the CO4 post of Customer Relations Officer

Members at Leeds are to be applauded for their solidarity and determination on the first day of strike action which was rock solid. A further strike day is due to take place next Monday (9th November) and I am sure you will agree our members at Leeds deserve nothing less than our full support in their fight to defend their grade.

There will be a Picket line in Leeds during the next strike from 07:30 and 10:00 on Monday 9th November and I hope that local branches and activists will fully support these members who have shown incredible solidarity and determination in this dispute.

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