Northern undermine ticket office consultation at stations

Northern undermine ticket office consultation at stations

20 July 2023

RMT Press Office:

RMT has been prevented from campaigning for ticket offices to remain open at some stations run by train operator Northern.

Posters have been ripped down and a public petition was removed from Workington station by rail bosses, despite the fact RMT members across the country are actively campaigning to save their jobs. 
Over 2000 jobs are being cut, 1000 ticket offices closed and the whole scale de-staffing of the railway industry is being proposed.
Condemning the move by Northern, RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said: "These disgraceful actions by Northern bosses show just how worried they are that the consultation is not going their way.
"We've received huge support in every town village and city from across the political spectrum for ticket offices to be kept open.
"Over 100,000 have signed petitions in support of RMT's campaign to save ticket offices and to maintain a human railway that is well staffed.
"Northern and the rail fat cats are only interested in extracting as much profit as possible and they are determined to use whatever methods they have to disrupt the public exercising their view on the future of ticket offices.
"We will be writing to Northern for an explanation."

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